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Global Footwear Executive Summit 2024

02:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Seminar Area, Hall 1C, HKCEC

In the third edition of the Global Footwear Executive Summit, top players from footwear brands, retailers, suppliers and associations will once again gather together to discuss and explore the latest trends of the industry and examine the corresponding strategies.

Stepping Ahead: Innovations in Footwear Production, Materials, and Branding Strategy 

 What is Global Footwear Executive Summit 

The Global Footwear Executive Summit (GFES) is an annual and influential gathering of top executives, industry leaders, and professionals from the footwear industry worldwide at APLF. It serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, with a focus on addressing key challenges and opportunities in the footwear sector.


The summit brings together experts and decision-makers from various segments of the footwear industry, including manufacturing, retail, marketing, branding, materials, technology, and sustainability. It aims to facilitate meaningful discussions and provide insights into the latest trends, innovations, and strategies that are shaping the future of the global footwear market.

Global Footwear Executive Summit Agenda


20th March 2024 (Wednesday, Day 2 of APLF)


2:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Seminar Area, Hall 1C, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 

Opening AddressFootwear Industry Updates by World Footwear Magazine  

Session 1:

Footwear Production 1400 – 1500

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

In the current scenario where the demand for footwear is significantly lower than the available supply, finding a balance for the supply chain has become a crucial challenge. This session identifies the challenge by analysing the industry changes in the past 5 years and most importantly, to explore potential solutions for the near future. 

Session 2:

Footwear Material 1520 – 1620

The evolution of footwear materials

Delve into the realm of material’s carbon neutrality, the sustainability comparison between leather and man-made materials, the concept of circularity and particularly the recyclability and manufacturer’s responsibility throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Session 3:

Footwear Retail and Branding 1640 – 1740

Omnichannel Brilliance: Branding in Modern Retail

Shift your perspective, instead of seeking customers for your products, discover products that truly cater to your customers’ needs. Get inspired by visionary speakers who will share their insights on the latest market trends, content creation and branding strategies in the future footwear market.

Networking Session – APLF Cocktail Party 

Who Should Attend:

Footwear brands 



Material Suppliers  

Session 1
10:30 – 11:30

Think Innovation:  How to Shape a Swift, Flexible & Future-Proof Retail Brand


To be a successful company in today’s hyper-competitive, customer-driven world, innovation must be everybody’s business. How to connect the dots, come up with the ideas and find the opportunities in any market, for any business and under any condition…


Ms. Deepali Khanna – Inochhi

Mr. Rajesh Kadam – Inc5

Mr.  Abdallah Hamdan– Aldo

Mr. Nakul Manchanda – Lamos

Ms. Pooja Chopra – Felix

Ms. Catherine Hindermann

Supporting Partners:


Footwear Director
Managing Director and Founder
Shoes & Accessories Magazine
Senior Commercial Director
Asia Pacific Steve Madden
Materialise – China
Rhodes Management Consultancy Ltd
Senior Director Operational Strategies
ISA Tan Tec Ltd
Director of Innovation and RSL
Huafeng Textile Group
Affinity Network
Principal Consultant
Super Lecroq (Xiamen) Consulting Co., Ltd
Gap Inc.
Director of Footwear Technical Design
National Sales Manager - Australia & New Zealand
Kamu Safety
Footwear Category Director
GEMO Buying Office (GBO)
Business Strategy Consultant
Zoom Shoes
Hong Kong Footwear Association

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