Joel Lecroq

Principal Consultant

Super Lecroq (Xiamen) Consulting Co., Ltd

Mr. Lecroq, an enterprising, innovative executive with an extensive technical development, sourcing, creative and managerial experiences in the leather, man-made materials and footwear industries. He has over 33 years of experience in footwear business management and consulting mainly in Asia.


He is now consulting for the footwear industry and mainly for SEMS Group in Putian with focus on sustainability and automation (industry 4.0) after 2 years at V Success (a knitted upper supplier located in Huizhou / China), to accelerate growth and opportunities which is given to highly focused enterprises on technological innovation and, particularly, to streamline customer service, efficiency, quality, prices and labor cost optimization.


He used to work for 16 years with K Star Footwear Group (aka Thunder Star Co Ltd in Taiwan). K Star is a large Taiwan owned private business with footwear manufacturing units in China and Vietnam.


He served in a number of managerial positions, including footwear brands development & management, responsibility for products development, costing, communication and environmental and social compliances. He has extensive experience in strategic initiatives and operational responsibilities grounded in information technology and performance management.


Mr. Lecroq has been an entrepreneur, advisor from early-stage in France providing a wide range of customer engagement’s best practices, marketing & sales expertise, compliance and corporate governance later on in Taiwan, Hong-Kong, India, China and more recently in Vietnam.


During his business career, Mr. Lecroq was involved with numbers of civic, educative, and charitable organizations. His top values include respect for others, kindness, humility, compassion, collaboration, and gratitude. He is working very hard at practicing his values daily. He is presently the secretary of “Francais du Monde” (ADFE) in Hong-Kong.


A native from Normandy who grew up in Saint Malo / Britany (France), Joel is a product of the community of French’s public and private education systems in France and in Hong-Kong in footwear manufacturing excellence, marketing and business administration. Joel is pursuing advanced education in the field of business and engineering management at Sabi University.

Joel Lecroq's Sessions
Date: 2024-03-20
Time: 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Location: Seminar Area, Hall 1C, HKCEC