Andrew Wood

Senior Commercial Director

Asia Pacific Steve Madden

Mr. Andrew Wood is a Senior Commercial Director at Asia Pacific Steve Madden.


He has served as a consultant and senior corporate executive in consumer products, specialising in sales, marketing, commercial strategy, and management for global brands in Asia.


Andrew has a strong background in distribution and licensing, particularly in the areas of footwear, fashion apparel, sportswear, headwear, bags, and accessories properties. He excels in facilitating multi-channel market expansion for global brands, with a primary focus on Asia-Pacific countries.


Mr. Wood provides valuable support to brand owners and potential partners, including distributors, licensees, franchisees, and retailers, to close commercial opportunities such as joint ventures and intellectual property rights sale. His expertise lies in building connections between brand owners and various opportunities, capitalising on these connections for mutual benefits.


Additionally, he possesses the ability to comprehend, analyse and resolve issues that arise from multi-party collaborations with diverse interests and cultural backgrounds. He is skilled at identifying and acting on opportunities that benefit all parties involved. Furthermore, he has significant experience in handling due diligence considerations for commercial deals, including contract review and negotiation, accounting, legal, and tax considerations.

Andrew Wood's Sessions
Date: 2024-03-20
Time: 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Location: Seminar Area, Hall 1C, HKCEC