Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - Ningbo disruption adds to supply chain fears
18 August 2021

Our exclusive Leatherbiz Market Intelligence fortnightly newsletter returned on August 17, with details of further worries about the possible effect of transport congestion on global supply chains.

Ningbo Zhoushan Container Port

Disruption at the important container facility at Ningbo (pictured) is one of a number of factors that have led to fears of ongoing consequences for shipments of consumer goods. The newsletter points out that a single case of the delta variant of covid-19 at Ningbo was enough for the government to order a partial closure at the port. Ningbo is the third-largest container terminal in the world.

Further delays, especially to the footwear supply chain, could come from increasing numbers of covid-19 in Vietnam and Indonesia disrupting manufacturing capacity there.

Some commentators are suggesting that stock to meet Christmas shopping demands could already be in jeopardy.