24 April 2024

Another stone in the shoe for Dr. Martens plc.

Mario Pace writes on LinkedIn that blaming lackluster demand from US wholesalers, Dr. Martens plc released a trading update anticipating double digit decline in its US wholesale revenue.

“If wholesale customers become more optimistic, we could see in-season re-orders, however these are hard to predict”. Hard not to agree on consumer sentiment and channel volatility, but truth be told, the clunky Docs might have more of an outsized-merchandising-and-overstretched-distribution problem.

As the saying goes: ‘Less is more’ in merchandising. After the pandemic era – when we’d shop endless aisles of product online – and getting back to stores, consumers are looking for more concise, clear messaging, especially from directional brands like DM.

Not to consider that Doctor Martens’ customer is a very conscious consumer in the first place and, as such, they’re questioning whether a purchase is even necessary to start with, let alone being met with ‘592 styles for women’s footwear, 382 styles for men’s footwear.’

Dr Martens should rethink its approach to merchandising and distribution alike.

By selecting wholesale partners that align with the brand’s uniqueness, DM can help build trust with their target audience, enhance their brand image, and create a more consistent and recognizable brand experience.

The 1460 is a great boot, with lots of room in it.

Not for yet another stone though, I’m afraid.

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