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The classic cinch-top bag is in vogue!
Jasmine Smith | 21 July 2017

From Michael Kors to Diane von Furstenberg and no doubt soon YOU - everybody - designer, Tastemaker and Instagram-Influencer alike, seem to be making their mark via drawstring bags.

Michael Kors drawstring bags

Diane von Furstenberg drawstring bags

The classic cinch-top bag is in vogue and interestingly, with very little style variation from designer to designer.

By top fashion houses staying true to the nature of the bag, the cinch-tops structure becomes almost universal.

Drawstring bags appear different only due to the fabrications that designers choose and slight differences in the bodywork of the bags.

You’ll find this most apparent when comparing runway bag styles; While Alexander Wang chose to display his rock-chic simplicity via textured black leather and silver hardware, Attico chose a softer approach, using delicate fabrics that are magnificently simple and ultra appealing in their femininity.

Alexander Wang drawstring bags

Attico drawstring bags

J.W. Anderson embraced a structured and minimal design which works so well against wonderfully tailored apparel. He also dedicated his colour palette to red and blacks in a ribbed fabrication.

J.W. Anderson drawstring bags

Trussardi played on the global traveller origins of the drawstring bag, hinting at a bohemian lifestyle via the use of neutral colour tones.

Now what all these designers gather to prove is that no matter your personal preference or style - there is a designer that will play to your individual tastes this season. So take your pick!

Style-wise, the drawstring bag does have a particular carefree charm to it, making it traditionally a more casual bag. Because of this, it is best to follow suit in terms of the outfit you choose to partner your cinched bag with. In saying that, there is absolutely room for a more classy approach to the often thought of BoHo bag!

Here are a few options that will work in with the season’s trends:


To downplay the BoHo look that a drawstring bag can sometimes induce, partner your bag with an outfit that is more classically inclined.

Opt for tailored dresses, sleek skirts or minimal tops with little fuss and no pattern or print.

This way, you will increase the bags class - making it more appropriate to transition into the evening if you wish.


Whether you choose leather pants, a beautiful slick, silk dress or heavy structured wool coat - what you should be keeping in mind is that quality fabrics will enhance the bags modern wearability. With the right fabrics (the more luxe the better!) you’ll find that you can take a drawstring bag to any occasion and not be restricted to simply casual affairs.


Allow this season’s drawstring bag its own moment of glory by choosing to partner your bag with complimentary but contrasting colours.

If you carry a black bag, wear an outfit in neutrals to offset it against your apparel.

Likewise, if your chosen outfit is black, choose a bag in a softer tone to allow it to stand out as a key item in your ensemble. 

The key to this season drawstring trend is simple - just as long as it cinches at the top - you’re on-point!

Source from Fashion Access Exhibitors:

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