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Trade & Tariffs - CLIA sends formal letter to Chinese government to explain its trade-war fears
30 August 2018

The China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) has sent an official letter to the Chinese government to warn it that there will be serious consequences for tanners in the Asian country if the trade war with the US continues.

“CLIA is against this trade war,” said the organisation’s secretary general, Chen Zhanguang, in response to a question from World Leather at the press conference on the opening day of All China Leather Exhibition 2018. “It’s harmful to our industry.”

It was honorary CLIA chairman, Su Chaoying, who confirmed at the same press conference that an official letter on this subject has gone from the industry association to the government in Beijing. “We wanted to explain to the government that the tit-for-tat tariffs that the US and China are imposing on each other will mean so many problems for CLIA,” Mr Su said. “So far China has said it will impose tariffs on $200 billion worth of imports, including raw hides. We have managed to persuade the government to lower its proposed tariff rate for raw hides from 25% to 5%. This has not been implemented yet and we don’t have a timeframe for that because it depends on the action the US government decides to take, but that’s the proposal.”

Mr Su went on to say that the whole of the Chinese leather industry will be affected. For example, he said that 70% of the value of China’s exports of leather bags and luggage comes from shipments of these products to the US and that these will now be subjected to tariffs of 25%.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz