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All I see Is RED
Jasmine Smith | 08 February 2018

Whether they opt for silhouettes in RED or shoes in RED - Style Mavericks are flocking to RED - the femininely fierce colour of the season… And it doesn’t matter where this vervacious colour is placed within an ensemble, just as long as it dominates!

It is not only the outfit and the TrendSetter wearing it that can’t be overlooked this season - but also the hue that is gaining all the attention - RED. 

Red is coming in shades that just can’t be ignored and the attention that it is demanding is giving brands and individuals that utilize this fashionable colour, a prime spotlighted position.

You will find that there is no holding back to this colour placement.  Boots can be seen in tones that range from the deeply blue-based ‘OxBlood’ to fiery orange ‘Cherry Tomato’.  As can oversized knits, playsuits, jackets and accessories… Choose whatever you like - just as long as it is in red!

As a classic colour, you can dive into your sartorial collection of season’s past and pull out any of your red-toned favourites.  
But to add that modern wearability to your chosen piece, here are a few tips to keep you looking fashionable on key:

-    Highlight the unrestrained mood of this seasons red by pairing it with another bold colour.  
ORANGE is a definite go-to (check out how Au jour le jour partnered red and orange on the catwalks), as is BLUE (Calvin Klein worked this combo perfectly.)  Regardless of rules of the past, PINK is a divine partner for vivacious red (which Blumarine perfects) and FUCHSIA is a power changer (just look towards what Valentino is doing).
Work on bold colour combos to modernise your outfits!

-    Devoted to the cause!? 
 Then take your red obsession and coat yourself in it!  If you are confident in your ability to stand out in a crowd and still feel comfortable, then dress head-to-toe in red!  Don’t just stop at a singular item.

-    Patterns have their place, as do motifs
While it is the solid red items that are really causing a stir, don’t disregard the ability to be fashionably on-par via the inclusion of red in a pattern.  You can work anything from bold florals to abstract minimal prints into this trend.

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