University of Northampton - Two new associate professors in leather technology
21 August 2020

The University of Northampton has awarded the title of associate professor to 21 members of academic staff. It said the title of associate professor recognises the significant contribution of these 21 people in the areas of learning and teaching, professional practice and enterprise, and research. Report by Leatherbiz.



Two of the 21, Rachel Garwood and Will Wise, work at the university’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) and are well-known figures in the global leather industry. Both will now have the title of associate professor in leather technology.

ICLT director, Rachel Garwood, said at the time of the announcement that she looked forward to developing her skills further and to facing new challenges in the coming years. She said she would put the benefit of the ICLT, the wider university and the global leather industry value chain at the forefront of this effort.

For his part, Dr Wise, research leader at the ICLT, said the associate professor was a professional title that is recognised around the world. He said the award of the title also signified recognition from peers that his research has “international acclaim and impact”.

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