Brazil - Cars and furniture, main consumers of exported leather
10 November 2017

The president of Brazil’s national tanning industry association CICB, José Fernando Bello, has said more of the leather his member companies export goes into automotive and furniture upholstery now than into footwear.

In comments he made recently to local media in Spain at the Futurmoda exhibition in Alicante, Mr Bello drew a distinction between the use of Brazilian leather in export markets compared to the domestic market.

He said there are currently just over 250 tanneries in Brazil processing 43 million bovine hides per year. He explained that more than 80% of all the leather Brazilian tanners are producing at the moment goes to export markets.

Almost half of the leather Brazil exports goes into automotive and a further 20.7% goes into furniture upholstery. Both of these application areas, therefore, currently have a higher share of Brazil’s leather exports than footwear, which has a 20.1% share of the leather Brazilian tanners ship overseas, according to Mr Bello’s figures.

The situation in Brazil itself is different. Although less than 20% of the leather CICB member tanneries manufacture stays on home soil, almost 60% of that material goes into shoes. Upholstery takes a 12% share and leathergoods almost 10%.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz

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