Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain Conference, Hong Kong 2020
| 15 January 2020

Sustainable business is now considered good business. Increasingly sustainable development considerations are being addressed across all levels of successful organisations, not confined to a narrow definition of responsibility. By fully integrating a Sustainable approach throughout your business you can add value, differentiate against competitors and deliver commercial benefit in an authentic and responsible way.



This year’s Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain Conference, Hong Kong will address the fact that sustainability is now at the forefront of multiple consumer requests and international discussions. In order for the leather industry to thrive it must engage with, and address sustainability challenges.

Topics to be considered at this year’s event may include; biodegradability, recyclability and circular economy of leather. Consumers are increasingly wanting to know the life cycle of a product and how waste is managed; There is increasing pressure on Chromium as a tannage type and new metal free tannages are being considered, the event will look at the potential impact of these changes; There is evidence of misinformation being circulated in the industry and this can affect consumer purchasing choices, the event will consider misinformation and options to tackle this; The topic of microplastics is increasingly being discussed as alternative materials to leather become available, often these materials require a plastic coating to provide performance parity to leather and are therefore subject to microplastic considerations.

The Leather Supply Chain Conference, Hong Kong is a good opportunity to network with other industry experts and to identify solutions to significant challenges. Join this half day event to bring your organisation up to speed with the latest industry developments.