The BMW of Ladies handbags
Véronique Saunier | 13 November 2017

Bravo Handbags was formed in California 17 years ago based on a technology invented by its founder and president, Terry Smith, called Enamel Leathering. 

“Calf skin leathers are dyed with color, embossed with a print, then sprayed with the same acrylic enamel paint that is used on Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Ferrari cars,” explains Smith. The acrylic enamel pain will ensure all bags and wallets will never scratch, crack, fade, mark or discolor under a lifetime of normal use. In addition, as acrylic enamel paint deflects RFID waves, the bags are RFID proof, according to Smith. 

A trained engineer, Smith also designs most of Bravo’s products. Around 50 silhouettes are available, including the Irina Signature Series, which comes in Gold Leaf version and with matching wallets and jewelry. 

The company’s biggest market is the US, followed by Canada and by China where 15 stores carry the brand. Bravo’s handbags can also be found in Lotte department stores in Korea. 

“We are looking for distributors, agents, wholesalers as well as retailers,” explains Smith.