Design-A-Bag Online Competition winner story ─ Business Bag
Vicky Chu | 17 May 2016

DAB16 Business Bag winner Vicky Chu

My name is Vicky Chu from Hong Kong. I’ve recently started working in the shoe design industry. Fashion design has been a part of my daily life ever since my first encounter during my studies at the University of Nottingham. 

My design concept revolves around functionality, elegance and simplicity. I’m very grateful for the achievements I have accomplished in various design competitions so far such as the Fur Design Competition, Footwear Design Competition and Fashion & Beauty Mask Competition. These experiences have helped me with my career in the handbag industries after graduating from college.  

Working as a handbag designer has allowed me to experience every step of the hand bag manufacturing process. In recent years, I have started exploring the shoe industry in which I can pursue more precise techniques on selection of leather materials and develop unique skill for arts and crafts in shoe design.

Last March, I attended Design-A-Bag Competition 2016 organised by Fashion Access and I feel deeply honoured to have won the business bag category with my design “ZIP Puzzle Bag”. This has been an unforgettable and invaluable experience in my design journey. 

DAB16 Business Bag

DAB16 Business Bag

DAB16 Business Bag

During the Final Judging of the competition, I had received a lot of useful and constructive comments from the panel of judges. I really appreciated the patience and kindness from all the judges who shared their design experience with us. It broadened my design vision from planning, concept, ideas and most importantly, dealing with  pressure from criticism. I was also inspired by other competitors with their sensational designs and discovered a world for leather assembling and how graphical design applies into an artistic creation.  

After the Final Judging, a sourcing manager of a handbag company came to meet with me to discuss about my “ZIP Puzzle Bag” concept and provided their point of view in manufacturing my design into the market.  We discussed about the difficulties of making the final product in a larger scale. Even though it was only a prototype, many buyers liked its originality and simplicity. I felt honoured that my design was accepted by different fashion professionals. 

In the future, I would like to grow my career in the fashion accessory design industry, as I find it the most interesting and my creativity style would make great contributions to different accessories design elements. I’m looking forward to deepening my experience  through working with fashion professionals and continue to strive for success in other design competitions and hoping to establish  my own brand one day and become a successful fashion designer. 

I am planning to further my studies aboard in the U.K. as I love to interact with people from different nations and to get inspirations through other cultures and design from all over the world. There is a long journey ahead but I hope my design could somehow bring a bit of difference to the world we live in.