Nepali Pashmina at Cashmere World-Premium Cashmere& Silk Craft
Alpana Shrestha | 06 September 2018


Premium Cashmere and Silk Craft has been exhibiting in Cashmere World since 2015. I had an opportunity to meet Mr Krishna Adhikari recently in Kathmandu. He believes Cashmere World is one of best international trade fairs at which to exhibit his products.

Mr Adhikari displayed Nepali Pashmina shawls with cape and fringes as well as items of blended raw material in prints and bright shades. The most popular products at his stand proved to be those of merino blends. Visitors mostly came from Mainland China but he also met with interested buyers from USA, Italy, Japan, Russia and Hong Kong. He was satisfied with the quality level of the buying companies visiting the show and he already decided to exhibit again in Cashmere World next March. 

Relying heavily on overseas orders for basic woven and knitted cashmere products, Nepal so far offers Pashmina products in rather simple colours, prints and designs, all of which could be improved upon. Even including a little more embroidery and embellishments to enhance current designs would go a long way towards producing more attractive value added products. However, unlike mass market products so far sought in China, the country still has an advantage catering to niche export markets demanding pure Pashmina luxury apparel and accessories, preferably hand-made and sustainably produced in Nepal, viz. Italy, France, Germany and more recently Japan and Hong Kong. 

Blended items are gaining popularity. For instance, cashmere/silk and cashmere/merino blends are quite popular in a slightly different market segment due to the availability of a wider product range, easier maintenance and more affordable prices.