#DESIGNABAGHK 2017 Winner Interview: Business Bag
Chin Tak Chak | 05 May 2017

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m the overall winner of DAB 2017! I’m currently doing my final year of fashion design (accessories stream) at Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), I will be graduating in July 2017.

I am 21 years old and come from Hong Kong. I have loved art and design since secondary school, but unfortunately art and design in the secondary education are not popular in Hong Kong. After completion of secondary school, I went onto IVE to study basic design concepts During the course of my studies, I learnt about design development and began to develop my own interest in fashion design. I completed the design course and then moved on to learn more about design at the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), specialising in fashion design. This was probably the best decision of my life; it is super interesting and stimulating. In this journey, I also discovered my passion for fashion design; for example, the making of outfit, bag and shoes allow me to develop my own design and create my design aesthetics. Combining analytical and experimental approach to design, my work is distinguished by curve lines and round shape construction.

2. How did you first hear about Design-a-Bag Online Competition (DAB)?

I found out about the Design-a-Bag Competition while browsing online. My teacher also informed us of the competition, so I decided to apply with my design Indiscriminate Bag.

3. Can you briefly explain what your entry was about?

This is a hand-made business hand-bag with a unique shapeconstructed from crow leather and brush off crow leather. The bag uses mix leathers to create the twisting ‘X’ pattern, and the brush off leather supports the iron sheets to create the form, which give the bag a twisted beauty feeling.

4. What did you hope to achieve when you decided to enter the competition?

I entered the competition not knowing what to expect but in hope to receive recognition on my designas this was my first competition experience, so I am very thankful that my design was chosen.

5. What challenges did you have to overcome to get your idea completed?

The challenge was to make the bag into a rounded shape, because  the shape was quite challenging to achieve. I needed to use the card paper to make the bag mock-up and make marking accurately along the way.

6. What was your first reaction when you found out you were selected as a category winner of DAB?

I was truly honoured to have been awarded as both category and overall winner of the competition. I never thought that I could get two awards. Also I really enjoyed the trade fair and attending the events. Winning the grand prize allows me to study the bag design course at Ars Sutoria school on scholarship, which I am extremely grateful for.

7. Were you happy with your final piece and what you would you have changed if you had more time?

I am really happy with my final piece. If I had more time, I would remake the handle, because round shape of the handle is not perfect enough and I hope to change the form of the handle so that it can be easily carried with one hand.

8. What advice would you give to students entering the competition next year?

I would suggest students to express their selves through their designs. Be true to yourself when designing and your design will be appreciated.

9. What does winning DAB mean to you personally?

Winning DAB means a lot to me, as I received recognition from other people. Also, it is a big encouragement I will do my best in my designs and and design journey.

10. What are you hoping to do next? 

At the moment, I am finishing off my final year collection and  in the process of applying for University. My aim is to learn more design skills and keep on creating more new designs.

11. Are you looking forward to taking the 4-week bag design course at Ars Sutoria School, Milan? (Applies to overall winner only)


Yes, I look forward to the course very much, as I can study more about the bag production process. Also, a more in-depth understanding in the making of a bag is an important skill. Moreover, I look forward to exchanging with students from different parts of the world and broadening my horizon in design. 

DAB 2017 Overall Winner: Chin Tak Chak, Money