Visiting Fashion Access: an awakening experience
Véronique Saunier | 16 May 2016

First time visitor Victoria de la Fuente was kept busy at the last MM&T and Fashion Access trade shows that were held in Hong Kong from 30 March to 1 April 2016. The Paris-based Trend Expert was one of the several buyers invited by APLF to attend these two events.

In addition to sourcing products on behalf of Lambert + Associates, a global organisation specialising in the luxury market, de la Fuente was asked to present the fashion accessory trends for Fall/Winter 2016-17 season and to speak at the Global Footwear Retail Conference (GFRC).

 “It was a wonderful experience to meet all these suppliers on this side of the world and to find ways of how we can be collaborating in the future,” an enthusiastic de la Fuente says.

One of her favorite exhibitors is Japanese Kawahooshi Hiroan which makes  small  leather goods including wallets, purses and money clips. “The quality and the colors were sublime! I could see them in any of our retailers,” De la Fuente says. Lambert + Associates’ clients include large department stores and buyers such as The Neiman Marcus Group, Fenwick, Holt Renfrew and others.

Talking about the GFRC for which she was one of panelists, she says she learnt a lot about the various current free trade agreements and the impact they have on duties and taxes between the different participating countries. These are useful information that can be included in trend reports addressed to buyers.  

“Trend reports for buyers need to be more precise that the ones produced for creatives,” de la Fuente explains. “Department stores and the fashion industry in general are going through a bit of hardship at the moment. Editing is very important and helping them chose the right products is essential.”