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Raw Materials - Responsibly Raised raw material remains “fully segregated”, PrimeAsia says
08 July 2020

Tanning group PrimeAsia has shared further details of its Responsibly Raised initiative in the latest in a series of videos explaining the programme.

This initiative aims to allow PrimeAsia to identify and promote projects and partners that can help it bring about positive change and enhanced transparency in the raw material pipeline. Examples will include better use of resources, stricter labour conditions and sound animal welfare standards.

Vice-president for procurement at the group, Ian Scher, explained in the new video that an increase in recent years in consumer awareness of and concern for animal welfare has moved sustainability and governance to the forefront in how it manages its procurement of hides.

He said that transparency and traceability have always been cornerstones of PrimeAsia’s policy, but he added: “With the Responsibly Raised initiative, we are taking this further.”

He said the raw material that comes under the new programme is being “fully segregated” at meat processing facilities, throughout the initial tanning process that wet-end tanners carry out on PrimeAsia’s behalf, during transportation and delivery to the group’s own tanneries in China and Vietnam and remains segregated throughout the production process there.

These hides come from cattle that have been raised according to animal welfare standards, with certification from third parties to prove it, Mr Scher said. “This is allowing us to assure our customers that these cattle were responsibly raised ,” he concluded.

Here is the video:


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