Mexico - Industry bodies in Guanajuato to work together to speed recovery
24 June 2020

A new, shared centre of intelligence for footwear and leathergoods manufacturers in the Mexican state of Guanajuato could be one of the fruits of a spirit of collaboration that is building up across different industry bodies there in the wake of covid-19, reports Leatherbiz.



Luis Gerardo González García, the president of CICEG, the main footwear industry body in Guanajuato, has said industry leaders have already held discussions with state government ministers to ask for support for this project.

“It would be wonderful for us to be able to have such an intelligence platform at our disposal,” Mr González García said recently, “and to be able to learn what technology and innovation there is out there in the world.”

He said he was “very excited” at the way different industry bodies were working together to help their member companies recover post-covid-19.


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