Glove Making - Larzac glove from Maison Fabre highlights local materials
13 August 2020

Glove brand Maison Fabre has introduced a new model, the Larzac, paying special tribute to its credentials as a local, ethical and environmentally responsible product, reports Leatherbiz.



The glove combines wool and lambskin leather from sheep local to Maison Fabre’s headquarters in Millau in the Occitanie region of France. Its composition is 20% wool and 80% leather. The wool and the lambskins come from the Lacaune sheep that farmers in the region raise, with the milk going into the production of Roquefort cheese.

Weavers in Graulhet produced the wool fabric and small-skin tanners in Millau made the leather.

Maison Fabre said it hoped the Larzac glove would allow its customers to see the value in these natural, local materials and in the work of all the supply chain partners, from the sheep farmers to the tanners, who had contributed to the product.

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