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Livestock - Feed supplement can lower cows’ methane emissions by 30%
21 August 2017

A Swiss life science company, Zaluvida, has developed a natural feed supplement, Mootral, which it claims can instantly lower methane emissions from livestock by at least 30% and contribute to the well-being and happiness of the cows. This innovation can help make the meat and dairy industries, and by extension sectors such as leather that use those industries’ by-products, more climate-friendly.

Zaluvida’s chief commercial officer, Amanda Merrell, commented at the time of the launch of Mootral: “The majority of consumers enjoy meat and dairy products as part of a healthy and balanced diet but are also becoming increasingly conscious of the impact cows have on the environment. This is why we are excited to launch Mootral; [it] will effectively enable meat-eating people, the silent majority, to match their desire to do good with their consumption of dairy products and beef.”

Report by Leatherbiz

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