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Upholstery - Whole-hide print idea can revolutionise upholstery leather, Bill Amberg says
25 November 2020

Specialist London-based interior designer Bill Amberg has completed a project to develop a new collection of digitally printed hides for Moore & Giles, reports Leatherbiz.


The whole hide printed leather from Moore & Giles


Moore & Giles designs and develops collections of leather for upholstery, residential, hospitality, aviation and automotive applications. The Virginia-based company said it had paid close attention to work Mr Amberg has carried out in the past few years to “perfect the art of digital printing on leather”, going as far as establishing a dedicated division of his business, Bill Amberg Print. This involves using specialist digital printing technology to make sure the natural character and grain of leather remain intact.

Speaking about the Moore & Giles project, Bill Amberg commented: “Leather has always moved and has always changed; they reckon the first tannery was 30,000 years ago and here we are doing stuff that’s never been done with leather before.”

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