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Environment - New Year Brings Plastic Bag Bans to States, Cities and Towns Across America
03 January 2020

Footwear News’ Erin E. Clack writes that as 2020 kicks off, the movement to eliminate the use of plastic bags is getting a boost. A spate of new laws and ordinances in states, cities and towns across the U.S. will bring a ban on plastic bags at checkouts.

Oregon is the latest state to make the change. Under the newly passed Sustainable Shopping Initiative, the Beaver State’s retail stores and restaurants will no longer provide single-use checkout bags, as of Jan. 1. Additionally, the state’s retail stores must charge a fee of at least 5 cents for paper bags (with 40% or more post-consumer recycled content), reusable plastic bags and reusable fabric bags. Restaurants can still supply paper bags at no cost. 

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