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Workshop - Ecco workshop offers insight into the leather creation process
18 July 2018

Tannery group Ecco held the 2018 edition of its annual ‘Hot-Shop’ at the end of June in Dongen, the Netherlands. It was the eleventh edition of the event.

It brought together designers, artists, material specialists, marketers and leather technicians from the worlds of fashion, industrial design, furniture and electronics for an intensive four-day workshop about leather creation. 

Ecco has described its ‘Hot-Shop’ as “a bold alternative to out-of-date industry events like trade shows”.

After an introductory workshop about leather and a guided tour of Ecco’s tannery, the participants were split into teams and were asked to “challenge conventional leather creation”.

This involved experimenting with different types of leather, different techniques and different finishes. Each team created a final concept product, such as a shoe or bag, before presenting it to the other participants. 

Following the event, Ecco said: “From concept to production, from experimenting to making a finished product. During Hot-Shop you see the depth of the entire process. An exciting and fun event that few outside the inner-circle within the leather industry are privy to. From it a huge amount of innovation is borne, with every single participant leaving with fresh ideas and inspiration to take away with them.”

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz 

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