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The Daytime Clutch
Jasmine Smith | 14 September 2018

Less is More!
A statement that is showing itself to be an undeniably prominent line of thought in the globes current social climate. From ‘Capsule Wardrobes’, to re-usable kitchen cling-wrap to everyone owning their own coffee mug to reduce the usage of plastic cups - there is a movement that demands simplicity and minimalism.
And what better way to mimic that by embracing the trend of the ‘daytime clutch’.

Traditionally a night-styled bag, perhaps so due to the lack of space a clutch has, it is this ‘lack of space’ that highlights the clutch as one of the go-to-bags this season.

With very little contents being able to be squeezed into a clutch - keys, cards, wallet, phone, lippy - it adds a stylish weightlessness to not only your outfit, but your day!

As the complete opposite of the oversized carry-alls and bucket-bags we’ve seen in the past, clutches give a sleekness to their wearer that enables them a streamlined look.  This doesn’t mean to say that the clutch can’t be a focal point of the outfit, if you choose the right statement clutch it will very much stand on its own!  But what it does mean is that by its small nature, it is designed to not takeaway from your stylish silhouette.

So give your shoulders a deserved break from the heaviness of a big bag and embrace this simply chic way of going through the day with the bare essentials!


All you need to remember when sporting this look is that in order to maintain an air of day-time appropriateness, aim to carry a clutch that is made from materials that reflect the ‘AM’ rather than the ’PM.
Look for wicker or rafia clutches, cool sturdy canvas clutches or a minimal and chic plain leather.

Stay away from anything that is highly embellished, beaded or too delicate to match the casule air of daytime.

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