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Circular Economy - WRAP presents ECAP findings on circular fashion and textiles
08 January 2020


Fashion United’s Simone Preuss writes that leading sustainability initiative WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) started its four-year pan-European progamme, the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP), in September 2015. Its aim was to reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints left behind by the apparel industry throughout the European Union. The 3.6 million euro EU Life pilot project that ended in December 2019 is one of the first to tackle sustainable clothing in Europe and to influence positive action across the entire supply chain. Its findings were compiled in the recently published report “Driving Circular Fashion and Textiles”.

“Clothing ranks sixth in household spending but its environmental cost is far greater. The clothing industry has a huge environmental footprint across its supply chain and at the end of life. Its reach is global, and its impacts profound. We too, as consumers, directly contribute to the stress put on the planet by how we dress. ECAP’s challenge has been to improve production, supply, use and disposal of our clothes in ways businesses and people will adopt,” commented WRAP director Peter Maddox.

Report highlights the environmental cost of clothing and textiles

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