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Exports - UK beef heads to China after 20-year ban
08 November 2019

Approval has been granted to export beef from the UK to China, marking the end of a 20 year ban following a BSE outbreak, reports Leatherbiz.

The deal is estimated to be worth around £230 million over the first five years and could see UK beef in China by Christmas.

Dr Phil Hadley, international market development director for the UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), said: “This is a great end to a very successful year for our red meat exports. This new agreement is fantastic news for our beef processors who will now have access to another market outside of the EU.

“We know that there are challenging times ahead with Brexit, but we have continued to work collaboratively with government to create new opportunities for our red meat exports and this announcement is a testament to the persistence and hard work of all involved.

“We look forward to seeing the first shipments of beef arrive in China and hope to replicate the success of our pork exports in the beef sector.”