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APLF off to a flying start! - The 34th edition of APLF enjoyed a busy first day in terms of foot traffic in the main tannery hall.
14 March 2018

Before the fair started there was some reticence due to trade sanctions being imposed unilaterally by the US and threats by both China and Europe to retaliate.

However, this did not prevent business from being discussed despite soft leather prices which caused some buyers to hold off in the hope of snapping up bargains in the last days of the fair.

There were still crowds of visitors registering and trying to enter the fair around midday as could be seen by the queues at the Visitor Registration Counters.

Inside the halls it was difficult to sit down and have any meaningful conversations for much of the time as enquiries were prevalent keeping exhibitors on their toes.

With a large supply overhang in the market and continued high slaughter levels in key supply countries such as Argentina and the US, there appears to be very little prospect of a price recovery setting in for the short term.

However, as APLF is a barometer of the market place, one could draw the conclusion that the throngs of visitors were intent on finding what prices really were as lower prices tend to stimulate latent demand.

Now that buyers have been able to survey the scene on Day 1 of APLF 2018, let’s see what business is transacted and / or expected on what should prove to be an interesting Day 2.