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Leather - ‘Thinnest yet strongest leather on market’
08 September 2017

Tannery group Ecco Leather has teamed up with chemicals group DSM Dyneema to produce a bonded leather it describes as the “thinnest yet strongest leather on the market”.

Bonded leather is widely criticised in the leather industry as being misleading, as it tends to be made from glued shredded leather, rather than from a hide, and therefore does not have the same qualities but can be made comparatively cheaply.

However, Dyneema Bonded Leather is made from thinly skived high-grade bovine hide. The companies say the first challenge was to develop a way of bonding Dyneema composite fabric along its full surface. The bonding process needed to maintain enough adhesion integrity to withstand subsequent tanning processes. Ecco Leather was able to refine the material by deploying milling, tumbling, toggling and finishing stages.

Panos Mytaros, Ecco Leather CEO, said: “We wanted to make use of extreme tear-resistant strength and superlative lightweight characteristics of Dyneema fabrics without compromising our own standards for delivering on the unique inherent qualities of high quality bovine leather.

“We don’t release a new leather concept unless we can achieve a balance between genuine innovation and the best attributes of genuine leather making tradition. We refer to this as ‘leatherizing’ and it constitutes the defining ethos of our entire range.”

Dyneema’s makers say its material is 15 times stronger than steel, but light enough to float on water.

Iceland-based designer Sruli Recht worked within the Ecco Leather team at the time of the project’s development and tested conceptual product applications. “Dyneema Bonded Leather is a high-end, luxury, leather-look, futuristic material that is ultra-light with an unbreakable performance,” he said.

“A truly new innovation that gives designers and brands worldwide something fantastic to work with.”

Ecco Leather is a tannery group with operations in Europe and Asia, and is owned by the Danish shoe group Ecco.

Report courtesy of Leatherbiz