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Brazil - Renewed programme is “crucial” for footwear industry
11 January 2017

Heitor Klein - Executive President of Abicalcados

Brazilian Footwear, a joint initiative between footwear association Abicalçados and export promotions agency Apex-Brasil, has been renewed for two more years, reports Leatherbiz.

The programme aims to promote shoe exports from Brazil through a variety of methods, including helping shoe companies attend trade shows and events. It also works on strategies to educate international buyers on the potential of the country’s footwear industry. 

For 2017 and 2018, Brazilian Footwear will receive investment totalling R$36.46 million ($11.3 million).

Heitor Klein, executive president of Abicalçados, said the initiative had been “crucial” to the growth of Brazil’s footwear exports in 2016, which came despite a “turbulent” international situation. 

“If it wasn’t for exports, last year would have been much worse for footwear manufacturers,” he said. “The renewal of this programme, especially at a time when domestic demand is falling, will be key to the survival of the Brazilian footwear industry.”