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The Elegant Belt Bag
Jasmine Smith | 25 April 2019

Like it or not, the 90’s staple pieces is back - with this season’s must have accessory being the belt-bag, NOTE: With an upgrade!

The fashion industry is well known for its at times, questionable comebacks - the belt-bag already being in full rotation for some seasons now.  This 2019 marks a slight change in the way belt bags are presented however - in 2019 they are coming through with a beautiful amount of elegance and class.  No longer pinned to athleisure or tourist fashion orientations.

The extra elegant belt-bag (or bum bag as some call it) has a refined style to it - depicted by its thinner belts, more streamlined designs and classic colour tones.

Look towards Riccardo Tisci’s chain link belt as showcased on the catwalks of Burberry - pure elegance.  Chanel’s version is just as divine, as is Givenchy’s pristine white leather catwalk version too.  Chloe falls under the ranks of belt-bag sophistication - all these notable designers offering a modern version of last years extra-sporty interpretation.

Paying homage to its nineties routes, with practicality high in terms of the major design feature - the belt bags coming through this season will still hold your most needed essentials.  That is however, if you make sure they are small and few!  We are talking lippy, credit cards and if you are lucky - your cell phone!

You’ll find that materials used to create the 2019 classy belt-bag will be luxe leathers with finely tuned fixtures and fastenings.  All aspects of the bag will have a high class sophistication to it and that means that the items you wear it with should follow suit.  No cargo pants, no tackpants, no poloshirts… this belt bag demands a classic and more tailored look to accompany it.  One that is well put together and polished.

Once you have your outfit, the way in which you wear this seasons belt bag follows on from past seasons; Around your wait, on your hips, across your body or layered overtop your favourite Winter jacket and used to clinch in the waist.

However you wear it just remember - the 2019 belt bag is one that comes with high amounts of elegance so make sure your choice of apparel, makeup and footwear falls in line with the elegance the bag demands.