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The Short-Strap Statement
Jasmine Smith | 24 December 2018

SHORT STRAP SADDLE BAGS: Think small, with a rounded base and short strap - then you’ll have the perfect mini bag for multiple occasions and more definitively - for that 2018 edge that will maintain your fashionable stance in the bag circuit.

In 2018, some of the key elements that maintain a difference from purses of the past are things like the use of brightly coloured leather and metallic elements - often appearing as gold or silver chains - small details that will give huge amounts of uniqueness to this sweet style.

Now the way in which the bag is worn is key in terms of its seasonal positioning and trend factor.  Think of the saddle bag (or sometimes referred to as cross body bag) as a replacement for the hugely trending belt bag.

If your more of a classic dresser and not so adventurously inclined to wrap a fanny-pack around your middle - then the slightly more sophisticated short-strap-crossbody-bag is going to be something you’ll feel more comfortable with and still be able to pay tribute to the trends of the moment.

To wear this bag effortlessly, make sure to purchase the Saddle style with an adjustable short strap.  Sling it across your body so that the bag sits at or just below your bust and you can then consider yourself stylishly a part of the small body bound bag trend!

To ensure that your look isnt off-balance in terms of proportion, do make sure that the size of your bag is not too bulky or else it will overwhelm your outfit and add too much volume to what is supposed to be a trend that is slight in terms of size.  Think;  Just big enough to put your keys, cash, cards and of course your fav lippy!

Wear it casually, or to more extravagant events and it is a style that can transcend occasion this 2018!