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Traceability - Leather is not the reason for animal slaughter. Let’s prove it!
Richard Smith | 09 July 2018

The campaign to discredit leather as a viable material is being run globally by well-funded NGO’s with specific agendas. One angle is to imply that people using leather can somehow be portrayed as evil as well as the brands using leather to manufacture their products.

The narrative is that “animals are slaughtered to provide leather”, when, in reality, leather in the form of raw hides is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. 

Join ELM provides a blockchain based traceability solution to solve this problem and prove where the leather as a product originates and to know where each hide/skin, leather and cut part comes from.

Where to learn more about Traceability using Join ELM
As part of APLF’s commitment to serve the leather industry, the company along with the Footwearists has organized a major conference to take place on the afternoon of 28 August, one day before the 20th Anniversary edition of ACLE is inaugurated, called the Shanghai Shake-Up which is a “wake-up call for the leather industry”.

Issues such as traceability will be covered and delegates will be joined by a speaker from Join ELM who will explain how the blockchain solution for leather traceability works. This is an event not to be missed by leather industry professionals such as brand managers.

For more background on Join ELM, we invite readers to go to the following link entitled "Proving leather is not evil using blockchain" by co-founder of Join ELM, Kaarmuhilan Kalaiyarasa.

To participate as a delegate at the Shanghai Shake-Up please click to register.