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How to wear FLATFORMS
Véronique Saunier | 06 November 2017

Not so sure exactly what the new FLATFORM shoe trend entails?

In basics, a ‘flatform’ is the combination of both a flat shoe and a platform heel.

To create this combined appearance, both the heel and the front sole is raised in equal proportions, giving gorgeous amounts of lift without creating any extra arch, as high-heels have a tendency to do.

This season, flatforms are a trend that are being celebrated both on the runway (take note of any styles presented by Anna Sui, Coach, Proenza Schouler and 3.1 Phillip Lim - they are divine!), as well as in editorials.  Not ranking as highly however, is their wearability on the high-streets.  This is mostly because of the boldness flatforms present visually as well as the style requirements that come paired with this deliciously outrageous style of shoe.

With being set slightly aside from the norm, this style does require a certain amount of dedication when it comes to incorporating it into an ensemble.

Want the in on how to do this?
Listed below are a number of style tricks that will work in your favour…


There is an orientation with this trend towards a sophisticated sportyn look.  Do however abandon those sports-bras and leggings, replacing them instead with branded socks (pulled up to your calf), structured apparel and materials that reference the sports-inclined (mesh ANYTHING being a clear favourite).

Longer lengths (¾ length pants and skirts being a go-to for TrendSetters) insure the shoe is the focus - especially important when the shoe itself follows the same sporty-theme.  Thick velcro strapping, rubber soled height and an almost tourist-esque vibe sprouting from well fitting, orthotic-looking flatforms.  Yes - they do sound on the geeky-side of fashions orientations, hence the finesse that is required to look stylishly sharp while wearing them.


You’ll find a slick, masculine appearance granted to a lot of flatforms - one that hails the days of brogues, pinstriped suits and jazz night clubs and incorporates these into an outfit that is strictly modern, with no hint of 1920’s dress-us at play.

A style direction for those that enjoy straight tailoring, oversized outerwear and simplistic lines - it is all about creating aesthetic shapes over top the body in a slightly artistic (and masculine) manner.
Aim to wear A-Line outerwear, wide structured ¾ length pants and oversized, thickly woven T-shirts to stay inline with this style direction.


Whether it is a plaid front tied skirt, a pair of denim cut-offs or a LBD - there is no avoiding the glory of what a short outfit will do to the way in which your flatforms can be viewed.  This leg extending option is for those prone to showing off their pins proudly.


Lastly, look for flatforms that host crazy prints, equally daring embellishments and shiny anything!  These daring shoes have not stopped at their form, but extended their wonderfully current extravagance to the buckles and leather and the adornments that call upon the attention of all…
Just make sure your outfit doesn’t compete with this boldness but instead compliments it.