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Apparel Express Export - a successful reconversion
Véronique Saunier | 03 October 2017

Founded in 1990 to manufacture and supply leather and plastic covers to the pager and cellular industry, AEE quickly developed and captured a big share of the US market, supplying customers like Radioshack, Sprint, PCS, Nextel, Verizon and Motorola as well as the US public safety departments including the US army, the navy and the police.

“The American public safety services prefer to use leather material to protect their communication equipment,” recalls AEE Overseas’ Director, Jayant Malhotra.

In order to diversify from a somewhat limited market, the company acquired the American menswear brand “Members only” and started to introduce accessories to complement the brand’s range of products.

Today, thanks to its world-class manufacturing facilities and production lines equipped to handle multiple product lines simultaneously, AEE Overseas manufactures and distributes a wide selection of products that span from radio covers, smart phone and tablet covers to hospitality industry articles and high fashion bags and accessories for premium brands.

“Our responsiveness, flexibility and ability to create new and innovative designs distinguish us from our competitors,’ explains Malhotra.

Exhibiting for the first time at Fashion Access, AEE Overseas unveiled a new collection of dark blue Nylon handbags mixed with canvas and weaving. “Dark blue is a versatile color and can be used by both men and women,” points out Malhotra. Other collections include handbags mixing natural leather and canvas treated with wash effect as well as specially treated leather bags that require no lining. “The beginning of the journey is finding the right material,” explains Malhotra, adding that the company is interested in bulk manufacturing orders.

Asked about the future of the industry, Malhotra is optimistic. “Growth is not there but consumption is,” he answers. “The industry was overtaken by Chinese but now with labor costs increasing in China, India is becoming competitive and receives a lot of orders for cutting and stitching,” he concludes.