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Comelz understands what the customer needs!
Richard Smith | 12 July 2017

Fabrizio Bellagamba is the Asian Manager for the Italian cutting machinery manufacturer Comelz that exhibited at APLF from 29 – 31 March in Hong Kong.

APLF interviewed Fabrizio about various aspects of Comelz on a buzzing stand with many visitors watching demonstrations of the advanced cutting technology of Comelz in action during the fair.

We learned that Comelz’s headquarters in Asia are in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; that all the people working for Comelz are direct employees and not agents; the company operates a directly controlled Pan-Asian network in countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia; all the machines are designed, developed and built in Italy right up from component level to the finished product making it completely vertically integrated; this ensures a guaranteed supply of spare parts and a lifetime warranty on after-sales service which is Comelz’s strong suit.

The after-sales service is vital as Comelz targets small and medium (SME’s) fashion accessory manufacturers, especially of bags, and actually visits them to offer their cutting machines that are CAD automated with in-house designed software and adaptable to any printer or plotter in PDF format for printing and saving patterns.

APLF asked Fabrizio why he had come to APLF and he replied that it was because it was a materials fair and not a machinery fair and that the SME’s he targets as customers could be found at Materials+.

“We come to this fair to find smaller companies that need our machines for manufacturing as larger companies are already catered for. Here we have high visibility.”

“Why do I need to go to the Guangzhou Machinery Fair so that the Chinese can copy my machines?” he asked. “Here I can find entrepreneurs that are never visited by machine companies and that have small production runs or even use machines for making samples. All the big companies and manufacturers are catered for and they may already have 100’s of our machines. What surprised me were the visitors who came and who wanted to start up a business making accessories for bags and need a cutting machine such as ours.”

Add to Fabrizio's vision the fact that Comelz’s machines can cut any pattern from any material and you have complete flexibility coupled with a totally new CAD option that is highly compatible and upgradeable. It is portable on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and can work with Caligola 4, on a customer’s favorite operating system.

Such advanced, flexible cutting systems suitable for smaller production runs accurately reflect the slogan of Materials+ which is “Experiencing the Future”.

We look forward to seeing Comelz’s dynamic approach to business back at Materials+ next year and for more about the company’s technical developments go to their showroom on APLF.com.