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SWT Leather: exhibitor from Uganda at APLF Leather
Richard Smith | 18 March 2017

SWT Leather Industries Limited

Incorporated in 2006 SWT intended to start construction of its production facility in 2008 but the global financial crisis that forced hide prices to collapse delayed this major project until 2010. SWT generated its own funding for the construction and it was finally in 2012 that production was initiated.

The company sources its raw materials from all four cardinal points of Uganda and also imports some hides from other East African States such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Southern Sudan.

These are the statistics for the Slaughtered Hides and Skins available in the country annually:

  • Bovine Cattle Hides: 1,800,000 Pcs. Annually
  • Goat/Sheep Skin: 6,000,000 Pcs. Annually

The company exports Wet Blue Hides and Skins.

Visit SWT Leather Industries on stand 1E-D40