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Salirone Inc. - HPECO BB series
HPECO BB series
Model Name / Number
Silicone series / Fashion/ Clothes

Silicone+swan velvet
Skin touch
Ultra Soft , remain soft even in -50℃ environment
Wide TH range (-50~200℃)
Water Proof
Anti-bacterial & Mould Proof

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who we are

SALIRONE Inc., China based green composite material inventor supported by global R&D team (US, Germany, TW and China mainland), now focus on silicone based composite materials research, development & industrialization, owns a variety of raw material, coating process technologies and patents.

HPECO materials performance series (synthetic material structure + hyper-performance features), which presents our image - applied our composite material in synthetic & nature leather industry, we called this totally new one as “HPECO Materials” (Hyper-Parameters ECO Materials), comparing with traditional natural leather and synthetic material, not only can match pattens and colors by traditional leathers, but also brings a lot of new value added fantastic features, e.g. skin touch, ecological, environment friendly, 0% solvent and 0% VOC process., baby safe, anti-allergy, anti-bacterial and mould-proof, water proof and easy to clean, high TH range etc., contact our team for more detail.

HPECO composite materials are designed for using widely in different industries same as traditional leathers, such as furniture, automobile, transportation, interior finishing, fashions, foot wearing and aerospace industries.

Our 1st manufacturing site located in Huizhou city, GD, PRC, around 50km to HK, total investment 18M USD, including R&D application lab, test lab, service center, South China operation.

Being a pioneer and worldwide leader in silicone based composite materials; we commit to provide environmental-friendly solutions and products, not only we would concern your business but also care your experience in healthy and high quality of life.

Our founders and management team strongly insist in our believes: “Back to the origin, reinventing natural materials and enjoy green & quality life”, we are creating more and more green, healthy and safe materials to our customers as well as sharing the common “Being Excellent” culture.

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