12 December 2022

Viva-magenta or Magentaverse, the color of the year 2023 according to Pantoneand as reported by CueroAmérica.



Pantone, the fashion trend consultancy, has unveiled ‘Pantone 18-1750’ Viva Magenta as the Color of the Year 2023. It is a hybrid colour, a ‘nuanced’ crimson-red hue that strikes a balance between warm and cool, and between the physical and the virtual, as they explain.

Viva Magenta is a carmine red, assertive but not aggressive, defined by the company as having an “iron hand in a silk glove” approach. It promotes optimism and joy and is a lively red that encourages unrestrained experimentation and self-expression. Quite a statement in itself. “Bold, witty and inclusive, Viva Magenta welcomes everyone with the same rebellious spirit,” Pantone said in a statement.

Pantone also stated that it worked with its creative partner Huge to participate in a design experiment exploring the relationship between new technologies and human creativity. Using the Midjourney AI generative tool, the team created the visual manifestation of Viva Magenta incorporating the messages and ideas that color embodies to bring to life an immersive world that examines the connections between nature and technology.

The visual cue is a bold statement that amplifies Viva Magenta’s bold yet natural elements, designed with the help of artificial intelligence. It serves as an invitation to an endlessly optimistic new ecosystem to explore, called the Magentaverse.

For the first time, Pantone and Artechouse will bring the Pantone Color of the Year to life in the form of an exhibition at Artechouse Miami, beginning December 3. The Pantone x Artechouse exhibition, which marks a four-year collaboration between the two companies, is an artistic exploration of the Magentaverse, with immersive rooms with textures and interactions.

The exhibition will feature color explorations in design, space and technology inspired by NASA and Pantone partners Motorola, Lenovo and Spoonflower, among others, bringing Pantone 18-750 Viva Magenta to life.

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