Podcast - World Leather analyses SLG’s new sustainability policy
07 July 2020

A new edition of the World Leather Podcast is available for leather professionals around the world to hear.



This time, the focus is on the new sustainability strategy, Sustainable By Nature, that Scottish Leather Group (SLG) formally announced recently.

In the podcast, the World Leather team discusses SLG’s announcement, including the six commitments it made public at that time, and the group’s history of being a sustainability pioneer in the global leather industry.

Later in the podcast we also bring you a conversation from earlier this year with Dr Warren Bowden, the group’s sustainability and innovation director. He talks in detail about the thinking behind Sustainable By Nature, linking it to work SLG is already doing to lower its carbon footprint, move its production set-up towards the circular economy model and to encourage other companies, in the leather industry and beyond, to follow its example.

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