Specialist Calfskin Tanning - Tanneries Haas, exceptional spinning and double tanning calf
19 January 2021

The Haas Tanneries took up residence in 1842 in Mittelbergheim, Alsace. Since then, six generations have succeeded at the head of the company, perpetuating unique know-how. From raw hide to finished leather, the factory gives pride of place to French calfskin - it is one of the last five calf tanneries in France - and works up to 750 hides per day. Report by Leather Fashion Design translated from French and edited by Richard Smith of APLF.  



The company mainly supplies the leather goods, footwear and saddlery markets, and more recently the watchmaking, clothing and furniture markets. In the 1950s, Tanneries Haas developed Novocalf®, spinning calf, and Novonappa®, double-tanned calf - vegetable and chrome - which acquires a patina over time. These innovative types of leather require ultra-strong fiber structures; only 30% of the skins purchased can then be used to make them.

By their exceptional properties, Novocalf® and Novonappa® quickly made the reputation of the company and attracted prestigious clients. Since 2012, Tanneries Haas has been part of the group Chanel and continue to improve the quality of their leathers, notably through their internal Research & Development department.