23 June 2023

Spanish leathergoods manufacturer Loewe has named K-pop star Lee Taeyong as a new global brand ambassador, writes Leatherbiz.



On making the announcement, Loewe said the singer had stood out for his dedication to style and his “passion for fashion”. Within this, it said Taeyong had long been “a faithful follower of Loewe’s artisanship and innovative design”.

In formalising its relationship with the Korean star, it said he would help bring all the core elements of its autumn-winter 2023 collection to K-pop’s huge audience.

Loewe has described this collection as combining “sculptural essentialness with clean shapes and daring details”.

Products Taeyong will show off will include T-shirts, tracksuit-style trousers and a parka, but also Loewe’s small convertible backpack in black calfskin and its Mini Puzzle bag in sand-coloured lambskin.

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