30 May 2023

Footwear and leather business EccIhas launched a pop-up shop in Miami Beach, Florida, for the brand’s 60th anniversary, writes ILM.



Open during May and June, the 3,000 sq ft store reportedly resembles a modern art gallery with freestanding white walls lined with Ecco products.

The pop-up will feature a “live social media moment” and a DIY area for shoppers to engage with. The pop-up will also include Ecco’s newly launched Cozmo sandals.

Florida is reportedly a key market for the brand in the U.S. and Ecco aims to bring its products to a wider audience through the pop-up shop.

Tom Berry, CEO of Ecco USA, said: “We absolutely love the energy in Miami and want to be part of the excitement that exists there. We have a huge customer base in the surrounding area and want to introduce ourselves to a wider audience.”

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