11 May 2022

Campaign group Leather Naturally has announced that it will not continue with its Metcha social media project, at least for the time being, reports Leatherbiz.



Metcha launched in 2019, generating online content aimed especially at consumers from the Millennial and Generation Z demographic groups. It went on to build up a network of 800,000 followers on social media platforms and connected with 360 influencers. It published more than 12,000 items of leather-related content.

Announcing its decision not to continue with the project, Leather Naturally said: “Proud though we are of the results so far, the challenges have created extra burdens, making the fundraising process extremely hard and forcing us to take the difficult decision of discontinuing, at least temporarily, the Metcha initiative.”

It thanked the companies across the leather industry that had supported Metcha for the last three years.

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