10 December 2021

The Chinese leather industry is continuously working towards greener production processes to reduce the industry’s environmental impact and produce leather with good biodegradability and compostability, writes Francis Tsang, co-founder of the ChromeFree Leather Alliance.

Raw hides/skins biodegrade rapidly in compost; however, tanning alters the rate of this process. Greener chemistries can make leather compost safe for agricultural purposes; by promoting soil remediation and reducing the volume of waste entering landfill sites – Just another reason why leather is the most sustainable choice!

We are excited about the launch of Zeology tanned #saltfree yak hides, an initiative to realize specific sustainability goals focused on green tanning processing in China, for China, and the World.

Inspired by Karl Flowers, Authenticae

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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