25 October 2021

Leather Misnomers - Stop circulating disinformation

Stéphanie Bui, a freelance fashion writer based in Paris writes: I will not quote her. A brand has just launched its press campaign today. To the attention of brands whose innovation is also positioned on alternatives to leather: could you please stop using the erroneous expression “vegan leather” in your press releases?

Because the use of the word “leather” is framed by a decree dating from 2010.

Either the leather product presented is leather, and it is called “leather”,

Either the alternative to the leather presented turns out to be a mix of plastic with something else and therefore it is up to your team to find an expression as close as possible to reality – which makes you dream – as it is toxic plastic..…..

…..Or the product presented is shaped in a new material whose composition information is welcome and accurate

So, let’s stop the circulation of disinformation on this subject…

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