Tannerie Alran S.A.S. (France)

Established in 1903 in the South of Tarn, the tannery Alran S.A.S. has developed a vast expertise in the tanning and tawing of goat, calf and buffalo skins and hides.
With passion and flair, the tannery produces products for the leather, upholstery, shoe and other related industries. They supply leather products to the most prestigious trademarks and famous manufacturers, independent artisan and young designers who share a deep passion for leather.


Anne Natalia (Indonesia)

Anne Natalia with a degree in Interior design from The National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) has fallen for handcrafted leatherwork, especially the hand-stitching technique since 2014. She then fell in love with everything leatherwork offers; the smells of the leather, the endurance of it, the traditional methods, how the needles and the threads crossing through creates beautiful stitches, how enjoyable the progress is.

And from that passion, Jetalla’aneiu was born. The brand focuses on handmade products, mainly to capture and showcase the beauty of leather craftsmanship and the leather itself. While Anne is the one who curate every art piece, the production is tempting. Yet her greatest fear is to lose the joy and enjoyment that made them fall in love with the work in the first place. Until now she has been emphasizing quality over quantity, creating leathergoods with best materials and tools.

About APLF

We bring leather, material and fashion businesses together: an opportunity to meet and greet face to face. We bring them from all parts of the world so that they can find fresh partners, discover new customers or suppliers and keep ahead of industry developments.


We organise a number of trade exhibitions which focus on fashion and lifestyle: sectors that are constantly in flux, so visitors and exhibitors alike need to be constantly aware both of the changes around them and those forecast for coming seasons.


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