APLF Dubai Exhibitor List

Notable Industry Association Participations

  • Assintecal Brazilian Association Of Companies Of Components For Leather Footwear And Manufactured Goods (Brazil)
  • ACEXPIEL (Spain)
  • Assomac Servizi Srl (Italy)
  • BLC (United Kingdom)
  • CICB – Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry
  • Council for Leather Exports (India)
  • French Tanners Association – FFTM
  • Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association (IDMIB) & Turkish Leather Council
  • Italian Trade Agency (ICE)
  • Japan Leather and Leather Goods Industries Association (Japan)
  • Leather Export Council Of Egypt (Egypt)
  • The Leather & Hide Council of America (L&HCA) 
  • Pakistan Tanners’ Association
  • UNIC – Italian Tanners Industry Association
Dubai FairCompanyCountryPavilion
APLF Leather3P Srl UnipersonaleItaly
APLF LeatherA.Buhler S/A CurtumeBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherA.M.C. Tannery Machines SrlItaly
APLF LeatherA.V. Thomas Leather & Allied Products P LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherA22 SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
Fashion AccessAala GlovesIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessAB GlobalIndia
Fashion AccessABC Footwear Ind. Ltd.Bangladesh
Materials+Abitalia IncItaly
APLF LeatherAfriwest General Trading LLCUnited Arab Emirates
APLF LeatherAikawa Co., Ltd.JapanJapan - JLIA
APLF LeatherAJ Hollander Enterprises Inc.United StatesUSA - L&HCA
Fashion AccessAjanta Shoes (India) Pvt Ltd.India
APLF LeatherAkram TanneryPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherAl Khaznah TanneryUnited Arab Emirates
APLF LeatherAlanchim SrlItaly
APLF LeatherAlbany International Italia SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherAlena SrlsItaly
APLF LeatherAlina Private LimitedIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherAllied EximsIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherAlpha LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
Materials+Alps Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.India
Fashion AccessAMFA InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherArgolanda BVNetherlands
APLF LeatherArif & SonsIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherAsen TanneryTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
Fashion AccessASG LEATHER PVT LTDIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherASP ChemischIndia
APLF LeatherAssintecalBrazilBrazil - Assintecal
APLF LeatherAtlas Refinery IncUnited StatesUSA - L&HCA
APLF LeatherAvanti LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherAXA Leather GroupIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessAyaz Leather ProductsIndia
APLF LeatherBaggio Tecnologie SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherBarnini SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherBauce Tri.Ma SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherBergi SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessBharat EnterprisesIndia
APLF LeatherBharat Tanning IndustriesIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherBiodermol Ambiente srlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherBisonte Cuoificio SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherBombelli Giancarlo SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessBovini Frills LLPIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessBride ShoesEgypt
APLF LeatherBrustia-Alfameccanica S.R.L.ItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherBSI Comercio InternacionalBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherC.G.R.D. SRLItaly
APLF LeatherCalisganlar DeriTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherCape Karoo International Pty LtdSouth Africa
APLF LeatherCBR Group - Couros Bom RetiroBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCencoprod LtdaParaguay
Fashion AccessChaussures PremieresIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherChemipal SPAItaly
APLF LeatherChimica Italiana International SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherCICB - Centre for the Brazilian Tanning IndustryBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCihan Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.Turkey
APLF LeatherClassic LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCLC Tanners AssociationIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherCLEIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherCM Tannery Machines S.P.A.Italy
APLF LeatherCMC LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
Fashion AccessColours SolutionIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherComing Ind. Com. De Couros LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCommercial Overseas SrlItaly
APLF LeatherConceria Alaska B.S.C. SrlItaly
APLF LeatherConceria ErrepiItaly
APLF LeatherConceria Tris SpaItaly
APLF LeatherConceria Yankee SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherCorichem srlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherCorium QuimicaBrazilBrazil - Assintecal
APLF LeatherCortume Krumenauer S/ABrazilBrazil - CICB
Fashion AccessCOSMOGeorgia
APLF LeatherCostruzioni Meccaniche Persico SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessCotton CraftersIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessCouncil For Leather Exports IndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherCouro & ArteBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCourovale Ind. de Couros LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCovico - Fortain - Nouvelle Société Arnaud - SVA jean RozéFranceFrance - FFTM
Materials+Creative DefinitionsPhilippines
Fashion AccessCreative Pelt Pvt. LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessCrescent Export SyndicateIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherCromogenia Units S.A.Spain
APLF LeatherCuoificio La Querce SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherCurtume Krumenauer S/A BrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume A.P. Muller LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume Cacique LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume Nimo LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume PartnerBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume Partner LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume Santo AntonioBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherCurtume Sulino LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
Materials+D & R Research And Development Of ChemicalsPortugal
APLF LeatherDabbagh Deri Ve Tekstil San Ve Tic Ltd StiTurkey
APLF LeatherDadia Chemical Ind.India
APLF LeatherDanese SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherDani SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
Fashion AccessDas Style Pvt LtdIndia
APLF LeatherDege Trading - NorcuirFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherDelux InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherDemaksan Deri Insaat Asansor Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherDermacolor S.R.L.ItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherDhaka Hides And Skins LtdBangladesh
APLF LeatherDhupar Chemicals Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessDiscovery Leathers Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherDms Italia SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessDugros Leather (India) Pvt. LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessEdcons Exports Private LimitedIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherEdsim Leather CoUnited States
APLF LeatherEge Damla Deri San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherEgo SrlItaly
APLF LeatherElegant Leather InternationalPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherEleve Kasei Co., Ltd.JapanJapan - JLIA
APLF LeatherEmag AGSwitzerland
APLF LeatherEmder Dis Ticaret Ve Pazarlama Ltd. Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherEmmecipi SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherEnayat Agro Foods Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherEnpell Ithalat Ihracat Sanayi Ticaret Limited SirketiTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherEPCT PVT LTDPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherEquitan SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherErmaksan Sanayi Makinalari Ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherErretre spaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherEscomar Italy SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherEstetik Deri Tekstil San. Ve Dis. Tic Ltd. StiTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherEuro-America International Freight ForwardersBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherEverest SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherEvolution Tech SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessExplicit Import Export Private LimitedIndia
APLF LeatherExpopieles Del Caribe SasColombia
APLF LeatherFaeda SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherFelix Berger AGSwitzerland
APLF LeatherFeltre SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherFinikem SrlItaly
APLF LeatherFL Leather SrlItaly
APLF LeatherFlamingo SSIIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherFratelli Alberti SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherFrench Hides & Skins Association - FFCPFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherFrench Leather FactoryFrance
APLF LeatherFrench Tanners Association - FFTMFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherFuga Couros S/ABrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherFutura Leathers S.P.A.Italy
Fashion AccessG P ExportsIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherG. Giardini Pellami srlItaly
APLF LeatherG.G Organics Exports Private LimitedIndia
APLF LeatherGaitonde Leathers and Accessories Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherGarbarnia Szczakowa S.A.Poland
APLF LeatherGE.MA.TA. SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherGemini SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
Fashion AccessGepherriniGeorgia
APLF LeatherGer Elettronica S.R.L.ItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherGFP SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherGG Organics Exports Pvt LtdIndia
APLF LeatherGiorgio Portolano PelliItaly
APLF LeatherGlobe TannersIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherGobba LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherGoryakinlar Deri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherGozzini 1906 Turini Group SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherGroup of companies - Russkaya KozhaRussian Federation
APLF LeatherGruppo Conciario C.M.C. International S.P.A.ItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherGSC Group S.P.AItaly
Materials+Guangdong Huasheng Element Leather Co LtdChina
APLF LeatherGulshan TanneryPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherGunduz Kurk Sanayi Ve Ticaret ASTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherH & H Leather Industry LimitedBangladesh
APLF LeatherHabeeb Tanning CompanyIndia
APLF LeatherHabib FashionIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherHafiz TanneryPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherHardy UK LtdUnited Kingdom
APLF LeatherHCP- CCP - Tannerie de Montereau - Tannerie de VivoinFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherHCP-Megisserie JullienFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherHCP-Tannerie d'AnnonayFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherHCP-Tannerie du PuyFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherHeng Long Leather (Guangzhou) Co LtdSingapore
APLF LeatherHirah Leathers L.L.CDubai
APLF LeatherHMB Tanneries Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherHop Ying LeatherexBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherHueni Italia SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherHussain Leather CraftPakistanPakistan - PTA
Fashion AccessI.A Leather (I) P LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherI.C.A.I. SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherIDA - Industrial Development Authority, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Egyptian GovernmentEgypt
APLF LeatherImperium Overseas Private LimitedIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherIN. BLUE s.r.l.Italy
APLF LeatherIndian Tanning IndustriesIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherIndustria de Peles Minuano LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
Fashion AccessInspire Exim Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Materials+Intercom S.R.L.Italy
APLF LeatherInternational Leather Split Group WareItaly
APLF LeatherInterpelli SASColombia
APLF LeatherIrfan Mohammed Said Atik Tanning FactorySaudi Arabia
APLF LeatherIskefe Deri Sanaya Ve Ticaret ASTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherIstanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' AssociationTurkey
APLF LeatherItalhide SpaItaly
APLF LeatherItalian Trade AgencyItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherItalkem SrlItaly
APLF LeatherItalprogetti SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessJ C Internatiional LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Materials+Jain Narrow Fabrics Pvt LtdIndia
APLF LeatherJapan Leather & Leather Goods Industries Association (JLIA)Japan
APLF LeatherJBS CourosBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherJBS Leather USAUnited StatesUSA - L&HCA
APLF LeatherJeaman Leather & Leather ClothingPakistanPakistan - PTA
Fashion AccessJIYA EXIM PVT LTD,IndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessKamal EnterprsiesIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherKapoor IndustriesIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherKaraca Deri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
Fashion AccessKarenn InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessKarenn International Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherKasur Tanneries Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
Fashion AccessKemel Imports IncUSA
APLF LeatherKG LeatherIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherKhaskins Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherKhawaja Tanneries Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherKitaya Co., Ltd.JapanJapan - JLIA
APLF LeatherKKSK InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherKLF Tecnokimica SrlItaly
APLF LeatherKymera SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherKyohshin Co., LtdJapanJapan - JLIA
APLF LeatherLa Doma Sa De CurtidosSpain
Fashion AccessLabbaik Exim Pvt. LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessLabbaik InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherLameboItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherLeader TanneriesPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherLeather & Hide Council Of AmericaUSA
APLF LeatherLeather Field (Pvt) LtdPakistan
APLF LeatherLeathertex Tanneries Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherLederfabrik Josef Heinen GmbH & Co. KGGermany
APLF LeatherLes Cuirs de l’Ouest - Cuirs et Peaux de l'OuestFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherLiderkoll LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherLloyd Spa ConceriaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherLMF Biokimica SpaItaly
APLF LeatherL'Officina SrlItaly
APLF LeatherLowenstein, Jos. H. & Sons, Inc.United StatesUSA - L&HCA
APLF LeatherLuiz Fuga Ind Com de Couros LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherMacro Deri Sanayi Ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. StiTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherMadison SRLItaly
Materials+Magma - TuboxBrazilBrazil - Assintecal
APLF LeatherMahmood BrothersPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherManifattura Di Domodossola SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherMarca Toro Conceria SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherMario Caimi SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherMatsuoka TanneryJapanJapan - JLIA
APLF LeatherMb3 Conceria SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherMec Man SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherMegisserie Alran sasFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherMegisserie AverpeauxFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherMegisserie Bodin-JoyeuxFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherMegisserie Joqueviel & CathalaFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherMegisserie Raynaud JeuneFranceFrance - FFTM
Fashion AccessMetropoli Fashion Pvt. Ltd.IndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherMima Leather Pvt LtdPakistan
APLF LeatherMinerva LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherMinerva S/ABrazil
APLF LeatherMiratorg LLCRussian Federation
APLF LeatherMirza International LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherModalux SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherModel Exims Ind Pvt. Ltd.India
APLF LeatherModel TannersIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherMontana SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
Fashion AccessMoods CollectionGeorgia
APLF LeatherMosconiItaly
APLF LeatherMuhammad Ashraf Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
Materials+New Way Pro. Design Company LimitedChina
Fashion AccessNewage Leathers Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherNick Winters - Bigard - SocopaFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherNoko QuimicaBrazilBrazil - Assintecal
APLF LeatherNova Kaeru Exotic LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherNTE Company (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
APLF LeatherNugget International IncUnited States
APLF LeatherNuti Ivo Spa ConceriaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherOfficina Meccanica G.B.L. SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherOfficine Di Cartigliano SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherOfficine Meccaniche Alpe SpaItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherOmac SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherOpera SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherOrice Conceria SrlItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherOstrich Products SA (Pty) LtdSouth Africa (Rep of)
APLF LeatherOzdersan Deri Makinalari San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherOzergenc Deri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim SirketiTurkey
APLF LeatherPacific Leather Imp. Exp. LtdaBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherPajusco Tecnologie SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Fashion AccessPak Future IndustriesPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherPakistan Tanners AssociationPakistan
APLF LeatherPelle ClassicsPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherPenza ExportsIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherPercept International DMCCUnited Arab Emirates
APLF LeatherPermair Leather Pakistan Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherPlan D Leather CompanyArgentina
APLF LeatherPrime Tanning Industries Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherProdyalca - Comercio de Produtos Quimicos, LdaPortugal
Fashion AccessQueen of Chitenge Fashion LimitedZambia
APLF LeatherQUIMICA CARIOCA LTDABrazilBrazil - Assintecal
Materials+Quimica Stoever S.A. De C.V.Mexico
APLF LeatherR Y Gaitonde and CompanyIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherRahman Industries LimitedChina
Fashion AccessRaza InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherRevomec SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherRiaz TanneriesPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherRiff Leather LimitedBangladesh
APLF LeatherRing MaschinenbauGermany
APLF LeatherRivadavia Industria Conciaria Spa ItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherRives SAFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherRizzi Flamar SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherRotacoat SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherRoyal Leather Industries LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherS I R P SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
Fashion AccessS P InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessS S InternationalIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherS.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherS.E.S.N. S.R.L.Italy
APLF LeatherSAF Industries LtdBangladesh
APLF LeatherSalamander SPS GmbH & Co. KGGermany
Fashion AccessSalle de ModeGeorgia
APLF LeatherSanyo Leather Co., Ltd.JapanJapan - JLIA
APLF LeatherSarchem Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A STurkey
Fashion AccessSavi LeathersIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherSCRDFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherSeema Tanning Industries Pvt. LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherSejong CollectionKorea
APLF LeatherSepici Grubu Deri Pazarlama ASTurkey
Materials+Serafini SrlItaly
APLF LeatherSGCP French Hides And Skins AssociationFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherSheikh of Sialkot Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherShine Leather FinishersIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherSimaca LtdPortugal
APLF LeatherSintan Kimya Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S.Turkey
APLF LeatherSit Spa Mattei FeltsItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
Materials+Skicorp Trinity Private LimitedIndia
Materials+Smart Accessori S.R.L.Italy
APLF LeatherSotas Chemical CompanyTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherSpraytech SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherSud LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherSunlight International Group (MLC)Turkey
APLF LeatherSuper Tannery LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherSuperex Leather Ltd.Bangladesh
APLF LeatherSystemhausBrazilBrazil - Assintecal
APLF LeatherTanacBrazilBrazil - Assintecal
APLF LeatherTannerie Arnal sasFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherTannerie du LoubatFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherTannerie Fortier BeaulieuFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherTannerie Remy CarriatFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherTanneries RouxFranceFrance - FFTM
APLF LeatherTauheed International Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
Fashion AccessTavrieliGeorgia
APLF LeatherTeampiel InternationalItaly
Materials+Tecno Gi Plast SpaItaly
Materials+Tecno Gi SpaItaly
APLF LeatherTecnochimica SpaItaly
APLF LeatherTeknotan Deri San. Ve Tic. A.S.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherTexapel S.L.Spain
APLF LeatherThe Leather & Hide Council of America - LHCA United StatesUSA - L&HCA
APLF LeatherThema System S.r.l.Italy
APLF LeatherThurling Investments (Pty) LtdSouth Africa (Rep of)
APLF LeatherTodesco SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherTorpedo Shoes Pvt LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
Fashion AccessTrade Development Authority of PakistanPakistanPakistan - PTA
Fashion AccessTropical Shoe Industries LtdBangladesh
Materials+Turato Ricambi 1968 S.R.L.Italy
APLF LeatherTurco Deri Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherTurgut KardeslerTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherTuscania Industria Conciaria SpaItalyItaly - UNIC
APLF LeatherU.Y. Trienviro Private LimitedIndia
Fashion AccessUmama TannersIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherUnic Italian Tanners Industry AssociationItaly
APLF LeatherUnichem Kimya Sanayi Ticaret A.S.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherUnion LeatherBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherUnionpelli SRLItaly
APLF LeatherUniversal leather Pvt LtdPakistanPakistan - PTA
APLF LeatherUnpac Unione Nazionale Produttori Ausiliari ConciariItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherUsak Atlas Deri Sanayii Ticaret Limited SirketiTurkey
APLF LeatherUyguner Deri San Ve Tic ASTurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherVertex LeathersIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherViposa SABrazilBrazil - CICB
Fashion AccessVishal EnterprisesIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherVishnu Chemicals LimitedIndia
APLF LeatherVolga Tannery JSCRussian Federation
APLF LeatherVolonte' System Conveyor SrlItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherWega S.R.L.ItalyItaly - ASSOMAC
APLF LeatherWellour CourosBrazilBrazil - CICB
APLF LeatherWhite Line SrlItaly
APLF LeatherWilhelm Textiles - Werner Wilhelm GmbHGermany
Fashion AccessXL Enterprises LtdIndiaIndia - CLE
APLF LeatherYesiller Deri San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.TurkeyTurkey - ITKIB
APLF LeatherYousaf TanneriesPakistan

About APLF

We bring leather, material and fashion businesses together: an opportunity to meet and greet face to face. We bring them from all parts of the world so that they can find fresh partners, discover new customers or suppliers and keep ahead of industry developments.


We organise a number of trade exhibitions which focus on fashion and lifestyle: sectors that are constantly in flux, so visitors and exhibitors alike need to be constantly aware both of the changes around them and those forecast for coming seasons.

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