Top ASEAN Leather Goods Designers

5 leather goods designers are featured at APLF ASEAN

5 renowned Thailand’s brands who we feature at APLF ASEAN, will share their entrepreneurial story on 25th Oct 2023 and have their iconic collection displayed at APLF ASEAN.

Boonyanuch Vittayasamrit (Kae)

31 Thanwa


บุณยนุช วิทยสัมฤทธิ์(เก๋)

31 Thanwa


Kae was born into a family of craftsmen, who established a shoe factory since 1952. After graduating from the Architecture School at Chulalongkorn University, she established 31 Thanwa as an extension of the family business who has been making leather shoes for more than 70 years – one with quality expertise and knowledge at its core while resembling! the creative innovation and limitless possibilities of a younger generation.

 คุณเก๋เติบโตมาในครอบครัวของช่างหนัง ครอบครัวของเธอทำธุรกิจโรงงานผลิตรองเท้าหนังตั้งแต่ปี พ.ศ.2495 หลังจากสำเร็จการศึกษาจากคณะสถาปัตยกรรมศาสตร์ จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย คุณเก๋ได้ก่อกำเนิดแบรนด์ 31 Thanwa เพื่อต่อยอดธุรกิจครอบครัวที่ผลิตรองเท้าหนังมากว่า 70 ปี และมีความความรู้ เชี่ยวชาญในเรื่องของหนังเป็นอย่างดี 


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Yinyin Fundao Baesakul

The founder of Fundao, Yinyin has an extensive background in the fashion industry. She began her journey as a banking and finance graduate from Thammasat University. Driven by her passion for fashion, she furthered her studies in fashion management at Domus Academy Milano and pursued bag making at Arsutoria Milano in Italy. She dedicated her career to working with renowned brands such as Prada and MM6 Maison Atie Margiela before establishing her own designer brand.

Sasithorn Premchit



Sasithorn Premchit, the creative mind behind Lunné, hails from the vibrant city of Bangkok. At 32 years old, she has already made her mark as a prominent fashion designer. Sasithorn achieved a significant milestone by earning a master’s degree in International Fashion Management from Nottingham Trent University.

Her journey in fashion began with a strong academic foundation, having obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design from Chulalongkorn University. Prior to embarking on her own fashion venture, Sasithorn lent her design expertise to Bangkok’s leading fashion retailers, where her talent and vision helped shape the city’s fashion landscape. Today, as the force behind Lunné, she continues to push the boundaries of creativity and style.


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Nasha Mekraksavanich
Nasha made in mars

Nasha creations are the perfect combination between her background and studies as Architecture Interior Design in Asia and her experience and studies in Italy as accessory designer at Istituto Marangoni fusing the two cultures into unique strong and confident women’s accessories. Attention-grabbing Nasha Made-in-Mars creations were designed to steal the scene in any room; the strong presence of each item was created to spark curiosity from lookers.

Jiratchaya Winyoopradist


XOTIQUE Brand started since 2015 by Mrs. Jiratchaya Winyoopradist with her passion in fashion and her husband, Mr. Ard-Ong Winyoopradist, the owner of Suvino Bag Factory, one of the best handbag factories in Thailand. Although Mrs. Jiratchaya did not graduate from design school, her passion for design is second to none and she has a dream of making a brand like no other. With the expertise of highly detailed production techniques, XOTIQUE was established focusing on the use of high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and distinguished design which are practical and can be used daily. XOTIQUE designs combine many different types of materials seamlessly.

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