28 June 2023

We published our latest Leatherbiz Market Intelligence newsletter on June 27. Important points that our exclusive Leather Pipeline report makes this time include the suggestion that the return of the classic Samba athletic shoe at adidas could provoke a wider revival in 1970s-style products.



Originally produced by adidas in the late 1940s to help footballers train or play on frozen pitches, the Samba became popular in the 1970s as fashion footwear too.

In 2022, working with singer, music producer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams, adidas revived the Samba model with a release in two colours, black and white. When this proved popular, the sports company followed up with a new release in April 2023, adding yellow, orange, pink, lilac and red options.

Market Intelligence described the shoe as a 1970s classic, with natural rubber soles and all-leather uppers. The leather for the 2023 collection came from Ecco Leather; even the laces are leather.

Because these shoes continued to be popular, the report suggests that other brands are exploring their own versions of 1970s revival shoes, which could be welcome good news for leather manufacturers.

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