13 June 2023

SHOKAY Responsible Yak Wool writes on LinkedIn that they have advocated for the yak and its wool for over 17 years and for a good reason. It’s warm, soft, ethically sourced and sustainable.



Choosing the right suitable fibre is crucial as a designer/buyer. So, we’re here to answer your questions about yak wool.
For example, how is yak wool actually harvested?

Well, unlike sheep and goats, we wait for the yak to moult naturally.

As Spring turns to Summer, our herders begin their hand-combing process to get the finest, softest fibres from the yak’s undercoat, leaving the coarse hairs behind!

In fact, did you know that the yak only moults 100g of hair annually?

Yep, that means that yak wool is soft, sustainable AND exclusive.

But there’s more where that came from! Head to our blog to discover our most asked yak wool questions.

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